👋 Hi! I'm Ivana.

Senior product designer with 10+ years of experience solving UX problems for SaaS products and enterprise software. Currently at HashiCorp Vault.

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I've been designing on the web since I was a kid, back in the days of Geocities, Neopets, and 3D Studio Max. The first problem I remember solving was using a public URL instead of a local one to serve an image, and I have fond memories of creating layouts with iframes.

These days, I believe in opinionated interfaces that solve users' problems in such a way that leaves them feeling like "it just works." Their feeling of ease is achieved on my part with thorough research, strong cross-functional collaboration, and continuous feedback from relevant stakeholders. I ask lots of questions, design at whichever level of fidelity helps to answer those questions, and enjoy involving others in the design process.

When I'm not designing, I can usually be found running, eating carbs, or spending time reading about niche internet history. I also talk a great deal about my dog Mala, who often makes appearances in the background of Zoom calls.


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